me on my honeymoon!

^ that's me on my honeymoon!


Hi-five for opening this page of my website! Welcome friend!


My gig is providing lifestyle photography based in Adelaide, South Australia. And it's my mission to create emotionally charged imagery of your world, I want to help you leave your legacy.

My inspiration for taking photos grows from my obsession with the past, my ancestry, and the role that photographs play in our own personal history. Everyone deserves to have the special moments in their lives beautifully immortalised, not just for filling our own hearts with joy, but for generations to come.



Here's where I come in. One thing is abundantly clear to me, and that is photos are important. They are so incredibly powerful, they are tangible and they are a piece of your history. I want to help you celebrate that!



If you will please indulge me for a moment, this is an example of what I mean when I say how photos are important and connect you to your past.

During our honeymoon, my husband and I traveled to Asiago, Italy, a small province in the north of the country. It's where my dad's side of the family came from before migrating to Australia in the 1930's. Over time, I had a developed a burning desire to return and our honeymoon seemed as good a time as any!

Asiago, Italy early 1900’s

Asiago, Italy early 1900’s


If it was not for my Nana's precious box of family photos, I never would have had this incredible experience. We took a 90 year old photo (pictured first), our rental car and some determination, and we set searching the hilly, Italian country roads for the Pangrazio family home. 

Asiago, Italy, May 2017

Asiago, Italy, May 2017


After a day of searching, the next picture is what we found. It was a very moving and haunting experience made possible through the tiny photo kept in my Nana's photo box. I'll be forever thankful for all my family photos. 

Drop me a line, there’s much fun to be had!


Kara x